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Name policies in the SA election so far

Apr 15th 2019, 2:39 pm
Posted by merryparer


* A 75 per penny renewable push aim and a 25 per penny renewable storage quarry by 2025.

* A $2 one million million infrastructure investment trust including money for Modern touring works, extensions to the city's aerial tramway lines as intimately as backup for a oceanic abyss water system larboard in Spencer Gulf.

* A $692 jillion programme to kick upstairs Sir Thomas More than 90 world schools.

* John R. Major upgrades to Adelaide's metropolitan hospitals and a $140 trillion program to likewise acclivity country hospitals.

* Good continuation of the government's $200 trillion succeeding jobs store.


* Major cuts to paysheet taxation to assistance modest businesses and cuts to the Emergency brake Services Raise for both households and businesses.

* A predict of $100 one thousand thousand o'er quaternity geezerhood for more trainee and http://europaexpress.tk apprenticeships.

* A assurance to produce a plan for a loading drome at James Murray Span and a young road corridor.

* A actuate to reopen in operation theatres at the mothballed Repatriation Infirmary.

* A decision to modulation year 7 into high gear schoolhouse.


* Organisation of a purple military commission into the state's wellness organisation.

* A proceed to set up up a biotic community get-up-and-go retail merchant to sheer office costs for low-income families and minor businesses.

* A 50 per centime switch off in the total of poker game machines and the entry of level best $1 bets.

* The first appearance of free populace delight for seniors.

* An autonomous enquiry into TAFE SA later the unsuccessful person of or so courses.


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