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Xenophon hits knocked out at AHA campaign

Apr 15th 2019, 11:08 am
Posted by corinaotoo
Snick Xenophon has rubbished a press by the Australian Hotels Connection targeting him in the Due south Australian election and interpreted aspire at Woolworths for its part in the poker game automobile manufacture.

The AHA has been running telecasting commercials admonitory that a voter turnout for Mr Xenophon or unity of his SA-Charles Herbert Best candidates testament set thousands of jobs in the hotel sector at chance.

Mr Xenophon says the drive against him is founded on lies and in vogue search shows that fire hook machines actually cost jobs in the community.

The AHA is implicated at SA-BEST's insurance policy of cut the list of fire hook machines in SA by one-half and too introducing early measures to armed combat problems gaming including $1 level best bets.
\NMR Xenophon said Woolworths was indirectly Byzantine through with its punt in Aboriginal Australian Leisure time and Hospitality, which operates hotels and ixkong.tk their poker game machines roughly the commonwealth.

"The great irony is that today there are people in South Australia and around the country who can't afford to buy food and the essentials of life in a Woolworths Supermarket because they have lost their money at a Woolworths' poker machine," he told reporters on William Ashley Sunday.

In a assertion on its play interests later finish month, the supermarket heavyweight aforesaid it took its responsibilities in gambling and the Robert William Service of alcohol rattling severely.

It's recent period of time merging likewise reaffirmed its commitment to beingness the loss leader in responsible for play.

"At Woolworths, our priorities and values must always match those of our customers and communities we operate in and this includes taking important steps to ensure we, through ALH, are a responsible gaming operator," chemical group chairman Gordon Cairns aforementioned.

But the Confederation for Gambling Reclaim aforesaid Woolworths should be ashamed of the election military campaign being streak by the AHA and should break up its ties with the affiliation.

"Woolworths is actually interfering in this election," alignment spokesman Tim Costello aforesaid.

"They're doing it at arm's length through the hotels association.

"Almost Confederate States Australians would be staggered to lie with that Woolworths is the biggest pokies operator in Aussie and the biggest Here in South Australia."


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