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Hosted Buyer Event Strategies - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Aug 30th 2017, 9:41 am
Posted by juliusdani
Hosted Buyer Event Strategies

1. Stand-alone: Create a new hosted/appointment-based event held in a unique destination environment.
2. In-show event: Create structured buyer-seller interaction in dedicated meeting spaces at your existing event, and generate additional revenue.
3. Co-located: Target a unique audience demographic by holding your hosted event at the same time and in the same city as another event. This can create crossover attendance and sponsorship opportunities.
Appointment-Based Hosted Buyer Model: A Different Value Proposition
Hosted-buyer events vary in a number of ways from traditional exhibitions:
1. Unique audience model: At a hosted-buyer event, the audience is prequalified and, typically, hosted (paid for) fully or partially.
2. Unique "supplier" model: "Supplier" vs. exhibitor. Suppliers are prequalified.
3. Unique business model: Event staff sells appointments versus booths.
4. Eliminate traditional uncertainty: A hosted-buyer event has a known quantity and quality of attendees. No "hoping" the best buyers will show up.
5. Go straight to desired result: Buyers networking face-to-face with high-quality vendors.
How to Get Participants
Because these events are usually smaller (with a limited number of buyers and sellers) than traditional shows, marketing must be done differently. Here are best practices for bringing the best buyers and sellers together:
1. Network one-to-one: Work one-on-one in a service fashion, developing relationships and learning about the specific business-development requirements of targeted attendees (buyers), and help identify solutions that your clients (sellers) can provide.
2. Use multiple contact methods: Contact individuals directly via phone and e-mail. Do not mass market.
3. Engage individuals online: Social media marketing can be used to generate brand engagement and produce additional leads.

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